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Our Approach

We pride ourselves on working with each client as an individual. We don’t have cookie-cutter meal plans or a “one-sized-fits-all” approach. We work with you—your food preferences, your schedule, and your goals. Together, we can create a customized meal plan, incorporating the foods you love.

Our dietitians use a combination of methods when counseling, meshing behavioral strategies and intuitive eating principles, where appropriate. We are always goal-oriented but willing to meet you where you are. Our dietitians believe that lasting change takes time and we don’t believe in a “quick fix.” We never sell you products, shakes, herbs, or supplements. We only work with real foods to target real change. 

We have a very kid-friendly practice, working with children of all ages for conditions ranging from food allergies and intolerances to weight management. We use a gentle, non-intimidating approach to pediatric nutrition. We have specialized folders and materials just for kids and a prize system to encourage progress and make nutrition fun!

We can help mothers navigate through unhealthy school lunches and coach parents to intervene with tricky situations, such as birthdays and events, so that parents don’t have to act as “police guards” of kids foods. We emphasize moderation, not restriction.

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