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If you are looking to get healthier and meet your exercise goals, a fitbit can be a great tool. Designed to track your progress easily and keep you accountable, fitbits are wise investments for making sure you stick to your goals. 


Designed to make healthy cooking taste delicious. Using your air fryer can help you make your favorite foods healthier. Use it for french fries, apple chips, and many protein options. Create great-tasting food even the kids will love!


Finding chopping vegetables and salads annoying? Not anymore.This reasonably priced and super-handy gadget can turn the time-consuming process of making soups and salads into a quick and even fun activity the whole family will enjoy. 

George Foreman Grill

A nonstick grill such as the George Forman makes cooking healthy foods easy and quick. Use it for grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, hamburgers, hotdogs, and more. Make sure to choose a grill with removable grates that can go into your dishwasher to make cleanup a snap. 

Food Steamer

A steamer infuses fresh flavors and tasty crisp nutrients in an easy cooking method. Just add a protein, some vegetables and grain, and a healthy balanced dinner is just moments away. You can steam foods to your desired tenderness, choosing between crisp or tender, and add healthy seasonings for some bonus flavor. 

Slow Cooker

No time to cook dinner when you get home? No problem. With a quality crockpot slow-cooker, you can throw your ingredients in to the pot in advance, and when you come home, voila! This does the cooking for you. A terrific homemade dinner is waiting for you. Crockpot dinners are much healthier and cheaper than takeout and there's nothing quite like the warm of a hearty homemade meal that's ready when you are. 

Food Scale

A food scale will make it easy to determine what a serving is, leaving you with no guesswork. Food scales are the most accurate way to determine how much of a given food should be added to a meal, or just how much of your favorite homemade food will count as a serving. 


From soups to sauces to sorbets, to everything in between, you blender can help whip up custom smoothies, iced cappuccinos, and culinary creations for pennies, leaving you extra cash to spend on additional healthy foods. Blenders are versatile and, with a good dishwasher, easy-to-clean too!

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